Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Are the Glory Days?

Back in the seventies, when I was but a preteen with an over active sex drive, my family would gather together to watch a little sticom called Happy Days. My father loved this series because it took him back to his time when he was young and everything seemed new, fresh, and exciting. At ten years old, I didn't get it.

Thirty-two year later, I think in my own way, I finally do. While my Dad's love was for the cars of the time, mine are for the comics of my time. The great arcs of the seventies and eighties are the muscle cars of my time. The 55-56 Cadillac Elderado is my Uncanny X-Men issues #99-150. The first sixty issue of The New Teen Titans was the 1956 Chevy Corvette of its time. I could go on with the Avengers Korvac arc, the story of Jean DeWolfe in Spectacular Spider-Man but you get the idea.

Now I hear young fanboys talking about how amazing it is to be reading comics at this particular time. Those who are both fans of Joe Q and Marvel as well as Dan D. and D.C. who believe that there is no greater time to be fans of The Avengers or Green Lantern Corps. I have to roll my eyes because as fun as comics are now, they can't hold a candle to those glory days when Deathstroke first appeared and Jean Grey took her life to save the universe from the Phoenix Force. Now that was the time to be a comic book fan.

Or am I just getting old?

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